Exercise 2- Group of Figures.

For this exercise we were asked to go out and people watch then take quick sketches of groups of people and focus on the way their standing, how they interact, what they carry and what their doing with their hands and legs etc. For this I decided to look at past pictures of groups of people and reference from that seen as we’re back in second lock down and also so I could have a longer look at the subjects.

Below are the pictures of my results:

I decided to have two lots of drawings one sitting down and the other not, I feel like it is difficult to get across movement and to capture a type of pose. I do think that it helped a lot to reference from a picture I took earlier therefore the subject was still and look at the poses of the two people. I think in the future I might go out and try to do quick sketches on the spot and try to have an impulse sketch of the subject instead of using a longer reference. I do think that the longer reference has benefited for this piece and I found it interesting to draw random people because I never have really done that before. It a very good exercise and I enjoyed it a lot.

All in all, I think this exercise worked out well and I enjoyed doing this exercise as it opened my eyes more into looking at different interactions and looking at groups of people when they aren’t just poses and it’s a natural pose. I do believe I want to practise going more candid type work where it’s just drawings of natural poses to learn how to do that style. I did enjoy this piece and I feel like it turned out well, I would improve on doing bigger groups and maybe crowds of people next time.

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