Assignment 4

In this assignment we were asked to create 3 pieces, two on A1 and one on any size we preffered. One of the piece was to be seated, one in a relaxed reclined type pose and the last one being a portrait with a different angle. I will talk each piece through and my mind set behind it below. I did decide to do all these drawings with a soft 2B pencil as that has been my go to throughout this full section.

Drawing one is my seated piece, I wanted to get a main focus on the limbs and show my improvement in proportion therefore I focused on the arts mainly and torso. I do struggle personally with larger scale as I feel my whole mind gets a little confused with the proportions but I decided to just take my time and no stop until I felt it looks right (not alien). On this piece I did not focus on the facial details but the next two I do as I felt this piece I wanted to focus on the hands because I have had a lot of back and forth with my confidence doing hands. I do feel like I need to spend more time doing independent studies doing larger scale pieces, it’s out of my comfort zone but I do need to improve in that department. During this piece I did a lot of the tones using my finger to blend the darker shades to the light to get a more realistic approach. Below is the picture of my finished result:

This piece I felt went good, I was so hesitant and nervous to do this assignment as I really do find doing larger scale pieces difficult. I find it hard to get the right proportions and be able to make sure the whole piece looks like it matches. I do think with taking more time to do these pieces it has worked so much better in my favour as I am able to make sure I am happy with how it looks and I’m in no rush to get it done fast. I did actually enjoy doing this piece in the end I found it enjoyable to make sure it was accurate and see how I could make sure it all matched up. I found with this piece I wanted to spend time making sure the hands were as accurate and realistic as I could, I always find it so difficult to get the shapes right so it doesn’t look odd. I still have a lot of improvement to make on my arms yet I am seeing my progress on making hands look more realistic and less alien. I do feel like I did well on the tones throughout this piece and I found I am happy with the outcome, I do believe you can see my progress throughout this section of the course and this as a final outcome has just shown how much I feel I have learned on proportions and also working on features like that hands.

Drawing two was to get a pose of reclining position, for this I decided to get someone lying down. I felt like I did this pose throughout the section and I felt it would make sense for me to do this pose on the larger scale in the assignment. I did this pose with as face, I do feel like this wasn’t my best work I did and it’s my least favourite of the three I have done yet I do feel like there was an improvement and I kept it because I felt it will help with my progress. I do did a lot of work on the tones throughout this piece because I wanted to make sure the shading though out was very known and the darker tones blended well throughout. Below is the picture of my result:

I think in this piece it was a bit more basic, the pose I chose was more basic than I would have hoped yet I do think the shading and mark making I made throughout was very well done and the tones were good to see. I do feel like I did a more illustration type drawing on the face yet I do think I didn’t realise that, the eyes don’t look in proportion with the rest of the face and I think that was just on the basic of working on a larger scale yet I do know I need to improve on this in the future. I believe piece is my least favourite just for the fact it was too challenging and it came out as quite a basic piece, I feel in the future I need to challenge myself with different poses and I do wish I had done that during this assignment, I would have done it again and had this as a practice yet I have run out of larger pieces of paper and the shop I get it from is currently shut.

Drawing three was my favourite to do, it was in my comfort zone and I have really been enjoying doing this portraits for this section of the course. I found it more interesting doing a different angle too and I felt this really helped with my piece to make it more challenging and show off how much more I have learnt throughout. Again I spent time trying to blend the tones throughout to get a more realistic look on this piece. Below is the picture of my result:

I really did enjoy doing this piece, I feel like I am more suited to smaller scale pieces although that might just be as I have had most practice with this size. I feel this piece has good tones throughout and I think the facial features turned out well throughout. I do believe I want to do more independent studies on features especially eyes, to get the detail in. I do feel as though I put a burden on myself doing the facial features using a thicker and softer pencil and I have learned to try a different softness in the future. I do like how the face looks as a piece and I have made improvement on the tones and how to make the face look more realistic than I had at the start of this section.

All in all I do think this assignment went well, I found it difficult using a larger scale yet I do believe it has helped me improve on my outlook at proportions and how to identify making the body look correct. I have learned different ways to show tone and how to really look at the body to show the features and shapes throughout. I found it helped doing this assignment to look at the negative of the poses and it helped me get the outline for all of these drawings which really helped me out when doing these larger scale drawings. I feel when I start to practice more in my own time I will start to improve more and feel more confident doing all of these things.

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