Still life in tone using colour

Still life in tone using colour.

For this exercise we were asked to draw out objects using a coloured material and then change colours every time the tone on the objects changed. We were told it could take us more than one attempt to get a piece we’re pleased with.

For this piece I chose to line up two containers and draw those out, I decided the best media for me to use was coloured pencils and I did this exercise in 2 pieces using two different colour methods and one I liked better than the other. Below is the pictures of my results:

IMG_6938 2.jpeg


IMG_6937 2.jpeg


I found this exercise interesting to do, I have never used coloured pencils to do tonal work like this before and I found it quite an interesting way of showing tone. I wanted to stick to the same colours but in a different shade or tone therefore it wouldn’t look as messy as using completely different colours. I found I preferred how the first attempt I did turned out, the reds seemed to blend well together and created quite a tonal representation of the objects I was trying to recreate.

For this exercise I used a different style of technique when showing the different tones as well as doing some detail using cross hatching. I found the way I have used the coloured pencils has made the drawing look quite realistic and an accurate presentation of what my view of the objects was.

All in all I am happy with how both of there pieces have turned out although I was more impressed with my first piece due to the colours having more blend-able features and really showing the shadows and tones change throughout the objects. I haven’t really experimented with using colours for using tones before so I found it fun to use this media in my work and I will practice tones with colours more in my spare time.


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