Exercise Two- A Longer Study

For this exercise we were asked to find a pose for our model which they find comfortable, then we should draw them and take regular breaks just to keep a fresh eye and also of course let the model relax. I used quick lines to get the basic shape , I wanted to get the proportions accurate then I went in and added some shading just the get the lighting appeared in the drawing. I found it good to do smaller lines therefore I could build on the shapes and really get a good impression of the body. Below is a picture of my result, I do think I did well with the proportions on this piece :

For this piece I again wanted to use a soft pencil therefore I could get good lines and work off them to get a more accurate representation of the body. I would like to try more independent studies using charcoal or brush. Using the pencil I was able to get more detail with some shading and I was able to show the lighting a little better throughout this piece. I do think I am being accurate with the proportion but I do need to take some practice in using more detail in the drawings. I want to do some independent studies and sketches in close up to get detail on the body and face just to get practice so eventually I can do more realistic full body studies.

I think I have captured the characteristics of the model quite well in this piece, I thought the pose the model had given was easy to capture the emotion. There was a different type of body to show off in this piece to my last and I think I have presented the different body type well in this exercise, I found it more interesting to draw the different shapes in this piece than the last, I do think the proportions do look right, I think everything looks balanced and I have been fairly accurate in this exercise from that view.

All in all, I do think this piece turned out well and it was interesting to do. I am happy with the proportions and the angle I have angled on the model, I like that I was able to include some shading and show different lighting throughout. I do think I need to allow myself to get more detail within the face and not worry about not making it completely perfect to be more confident with my drawings.

Exercise One- Quick Studies

For this task we were asked to get a model and take quick sketches paying attention to the proportions of the body using quick lines to show it. We were told to draw from the middle outwards and don’t let the fear of bold lines put you off being confident with the drawing. For this exercise I decided to draw four sketches of the same model in different poses. I wanted to draw quick lines and be confident with the lines I draw like we were suggested to do. Below is the pictures of my results:

I wanted to use the method of roughly marking the joints therefore I could get a rough idea of the figure. I then worked on sketching the rest of the body and focusing on the proportion of the model and making sure everything matched up correctly. I think I did well on the proportions and got an accurate representation of the model. I chose to do the drawing with sketching pencils, I did this because I felt it was the best to do quick sketching and to be confident with the drawing. I do think I was accurate with the different angles and positions I have shown by the model, I enjoyed doing this exercise as it really made me look at the different proportions of the body and helped me realise how to measure and get a more accurate representation of the model.

All in all I do think my sketches are fairly accurate and I am happy with how they turned out. I liked doing the drawings and looking in detail at how to draw the body. I liked being able to draw different poses and concentrating on the the body has changed its look in another pose. I found it helpful drawing the different joints just to get a good idea on how the shapes will then develop. It is more different doing quick drawings with a model yet it gives you more information to do sketches on, all together I am happy with these drawings. If I was to critic I would like to attempt to re-do these poses with a different media such as charcoal, or with a brush. I will do this as an independent study.

Exercise One- Drawing fabric using lines and tone.

For this exercise we were asked to place a piece of fabric over a chair and take quick 15 minute sketches in 8-12cm boxes of what we see, we were told to pick interesting spots of the fabric we were drawn to to recreate. We were told to look at the different shading throughout and try to recreate that in these sketches.

I did find this exercise quite interesting to get the different tones of material and show the creases throughout the material. I do like the outcome of this exercise and I tried my best to get the creases right in the sketches. unnamed (32)unnamed (31)unnamed (30)

I think with this exercise I have shown the different creases well throughout the different sketches and got the layers correct. In my work I do think I need to improve further on my tones and getting the right amount of shading throughout my sketches, I think I will do more independent studies to really build up my skill with that.

I liked looked into the different angles of the fabric and figuring out how I can show the different creases in my sketches, all in all I do like how my work turned out. I think there is more room for improvement as far as showing different tones and the shadows in my work, maybe try to improve my darker areas to make it all flow together better. I found it quite challenging to show the volume but I tried to show my lines in my sketching to show the amount of volume in the fabric, the direction of my pencil markings to give it more of a detailed look.

Response to assignment 3 feedback

To begin this response I would like to say I am happy with how my overall assignment 3  turned out, with all the chaos going on in the world and the amount of over time I had to do at work due to staff going off I was happy I completed this assignment to the best I could at the time, it took me a while but I do think I am proud of what I did achieve.

A majority of my feedback was based around  the fact my compositions to look at the buildings were quite complex and I do think this is due to me doing my studies off taken photographs I had from past holidays due to not being able to leave the house. I will take this feedback and try my best to not use photographs to base my art off but to look at the study for real and get the lighting as correct as I can and look at the angle that suits myself best. I had feedback that I tend to make big plans for my work and then they don’t turn out as I had originally planned, I do think this is true and I am beginning to learn I have to give myself more time to focus on the art I want to achieve and let myself reach that level instead of talking about it and not giving myself room to do it.

I also gathered from this feedback I need to look into my tones and not exaggerate the shading in the wrong places and to really see where the light hits, it is harder to do this with looking through a taken image but I will improve and take this onboard. It was also spoken in my feedback I should look into gathering more artist research and take inspiration off them and look into how other artists show detail and tones throughout their work. It was also mentioned that my work is more of an illustrative style than observational and this might be my own style coming out, I do sometimes wonder if that is my style before this feedback so it was nice to hear someone think that. I do think I also try to do observational but I like to do things my own way too. I think there is always room for improvement and I will take all these different points. I also agree that if I don’t think something did work I should try again and not just take my first result, I do think this was more of a time issue than a it’ll do attitude.

I do also want to take more time to do independent studies and sketch in my free time to really get up that skill. I do draw in my spare time but it’s different subjects to what I’m focusing on at the minute but I perhaps will include these in my research or skill building type thing.

All in all I am happy with the feedback I received I do always think there is room for improvement and I will continue to spend time correcting things I can do better. I enjoyed doing this assignment and I will take positivity and TIME into this next part!

Assignment 3

Here is my final assignment for this part of Drawing 1, it has taken me a long time to get to this but finally I have come to do it! We were asked to do planning for this ‘final piece’ , I decided to experiment with mixed media as I wanted to include this in my final work. I thought that throughout my research of this section of Drawing One there was different styles of artists using mixed medias in their work therefore I thought I should incorporate this in my assignment.

Below is the first piece I did working up to the last one, I wanted to start off with a sketch and look into the tones and detail I can include, I then followed with a mixed media piece using a textured background as well as then adding pen to them to bring out the shading.

unnamed (5)

Here is a picture of my results for the first part of this assignment, I thought they turned out well. I picked to use the images of a house I had from an earlier holiday I went on. Due to COVID-19 I wasn’t able to get out and get local buildings therefore this was the next best thing. I wanted to try some mixed media into this piece therefore I decided to create a detailed background for my next practice piece and add the pen to show the different shading and detail in the piece. I do like the outcome and I used the same inspiration to create my final piece for this assignment.

Below are the different shots of my final piece, I went for a mixed media piece on an A2 piece which was one of the requirements in this assignment. I do think this piece is well and I wanted to include a building I had done work on in previous exercise’s as I liked sketching that building.

unnamed (10)unnamed (9)

In this piece I wanted to show the colours I felt when I was there and taking the picture of the building I did the art on. I felt these colours were a good match and create a textured background for my piece, I then wanted to use a pen effect to do this scruffy type look to my image and create tones and detail throughout the piece. I like how the piece turned out and I think I did well in showing the shades and tone in the piece. The shading does show the different details throughout the work and I think I got the angles correct in the building.

All in all, I am happy with the outcome of this piece I think the tones I have done throughout the piece are good and give off a realistic look for it, I love the background and it gave off the look that I wanted exactly, I really am impressed with how the mixed media went and I’m looking forward to developing my skill on pieces like this in the future, if was to do this piece again I would pick to do several different piece and do a big piece of different buildings, I feel I work better on a smaller scale therefore feel that would be a better option for me. Futher more I am happy with this piece and I’m glad I took the time to do this, I am so happy I have managed to do good quality and took the time to do these pieces at such an unsure time!

Exercise 4- Statues

For this exercise we were asked to look at statues, to select an angle we find interesting and do a drawings showing it off. Due to COVID-19 I wasn’t able to go out and about to find a statue to do in person, my town doesn’t have one and it’s not an essential journey never the less. I decided to take this image I found off google of the Brazil statue Christ The Redeemer, I always have liked this statue and wanted to draw it for myself.

Below is a picture of my result:

unnamed (28)

In this piece I wanted to try to get good tones within the cape of the statue and look into the tones and where the lighting hits on the statue, I wanted to show the different layers throughout his clothing and get the detail right within the shadows, I like doing this drawing a lot, I found it interesting to look at the different shading and the way to represent the shadows of the cape throughout the drawing. I decided to sketch using a pencil as I thought this would be the best to show the detail and tones throughout the statue.

All in all I am happy with this drawing, I think I managed to get the right tones and shading throughout the statue. I liked the detail I was able to put in the cape and how to represent the lighting throughout the piece of art. If I was to change one piece of this work next time I would like to do a full view of the statue and look at the statue as a whole not just the top half. I am happy with this piece and I’m pleased with the outcome!

Exercise 3- A limited Palette Study

For this exercise we were asked to pick three colours and focus on the different layers you can create building up your colour to add tones. To find an interesting sight of the building to focus on and look into colouring that piece of art. I decided because of COVID-19 again to use an old image taken from Spain, I thought the three colours I should use were Grey, Brown and a peach colour to get the same tones on the building as the picture. I wanted to create a realistic photo but again I haven’t really invested in some good colouring pencils for artwork therefore I couldn’t get the exact shading and tones I would’ve wanted.

Below is a picture of my result:

unnamed (27)

I do think the angles on this picture are represented well and you can tell the effect I wanted to create, I do think that if I had some better preforming pencils I could’ve created a better final piece yet I am working with what I have for the moment, I will invest in some in the near future. I do like the shading I got to show the point of the building and it does create an effective look on the buildings, I do like how I have improved in creating accurate pieces on the angles and showing buildings off differently than I am used to, I have never been interest in drawing architecture but I do think I have done well in showing my skill on doing so with these pieces.

All in all I do like this piece but I would like to invest in some more premium coloured pencils to be able to create more detailed tones with colour. I wanted to show this off in this piece but it was difficult with these pencils. however I am happy with how the angles and representation of the buildings have come across and I do plan to keep developing my my skill in architecture in my spare time. With the limited colours we were chose to use in this piece I did find it more difficult to get across the tones yet I do think I did well considering the limitation of that, therefore I do think it was difficult yet I managed with the limited resources.

Exercise 2- Study of townscape using line

For this exercise we were asked to draw a townscape focusing on interesting features of the buildings, mainly using lines to do this. I chose to also add detail to this piece as I felt it would give a more interesting outcome and I wanted to show the main features, for this exercise I also used old images from a trip to Spain, I did this due to the recent circumstances of COVID-19; this is because I am unable to stay outside for unnecessary reasons and I wouldn’t say this is essential so this time has really paid of having a hobby in taking photos!

Below are pictures of my result, I think I have ended up with two really good pieces, I do think the angles are fairly accurate and it shows a detailed look into the different sides of the buildings and also showing the details within side angles:

unnamed (25) In this one I tried to capture a town square, I do find it difficult to show different floors so I do think I need to improve in the angles of floor and how to present a path, I do like the idea of getting more advanced at angles and making things appear more realistic, I’m not really one to draw big landscapes so it’s learning for me, I think I’m defiantly developing in the department of buildings but floors I’m not so great on.

unnamed (26)

This piece I am more keen on and I do think the angles are represented well, I think when I look more in depth I see place to improve one, like the angles of the canopy of the left. I do find it difficult but I am getting more confident it doing these landscapes and I do think I am improving.

All in all I do like these pieces, I do this there is still various different things I can improve on, I do want to look into developing on angles of flooring and definitely just keep practising with townscapes. I enjoyed doing these piece’s and I do think they’re better than previous pieces. I like the different tones and mark making I have made on both of these pieces of work and will continue to develop on all of my sketching skills. I think I did capture both scenes very well and I am proud of both pieces yet I do see room for improvement.

Exercise One- Sketchbook townscape drawings

For this exercise we were asked to look for an interesting building or lot of buildings on a side angle to get an interesting view point to further onto sketches. For this we were asked to pick spots we were most interested in and to focus mainly onto those spots in a small quick sketch, we were told to be selective on the parts we wanted to focus on.

Due to the recent circumstance of COVID-19 I wasn’t able to get out and about the house the same and look around towns to take sketches, I don’t like to go out of the house when it’s not necessary or for work. With this in mind and with a lot of these exercises it has really paid off with my hobby of photography! I have used pictures I took previously from a little holiday in Spain. Whilst on this holiday there were many fantastic and interesting buildings and I took lots of detailed pictures. Below are my sketches from my pictures and I am happy with how the sketches look:

unnamed (21)

Here is a close up sketch of the panels covering the roofing, it is an interesting piece of the building and I felt I had to capture a sketch of this to use.

unnamed (22)

I do love how this building looks, I found the curved architecture so fascinating and it created for such an interesting sketch, I do think the angles on each of these sketches are fairly accurate and I am happy with the look of this. On this sketch I have marked my eye level to this sketch (best I could considering it was a picture) I do think it could be a disadvantage for it being a photograph yet I do think I got a fairly accurate sketch.

unnamed (19)

In this image I captured the side of the building and the building is actually a restaurant which is so fascinating for such a detailed building yet I wanted to get in the arches and also again the roofing. unnamed (20)

This was a front on angle of the building from the curved front, I do think this is accurate in terms of the angles yet I do think the windows could’ve been better if it wasn’t a quick sketch. All in all I am happy with all of these sketches and I think they give an accurate representation of the building. I enjoyed looking at the building for the most interesting parts and figuring out the right angles to get these results. I do think I would like to look further into getting better with angles and how to show buildings better I haven’t really ever been interested into drawing architecture but this whole assignment has opened my eyes to different ideas.

Artist Research- John Virtue

John Virtue is contemporary British artist known monochromatic drawings of various different locations around Europe. His work is very unique as he uses different dark mark making to create interesting piece of landscape work which captures the moment he was in.

Below is the picture I have chosen to look more into, his work is definitely unique and not something I see a lot in my usual research artists. d9dccd660b55f8ca69975e277f7d9ac8

I chose this piece which is an urban scene of London, I thought this would be a good choice to show off his different style of expressing large landscapes and buildings. I like the way he uses the ink to drip down from the buildings, I think this gives an interesting and different style to his work and it’s his own mark on the art. I think his work gives off a dark and urban style of look, it’s quite a hazy image but you can still tell exactly what he is trying to show off. I like his different mark making throughout and the way he can show off the different tones in the buildings making it more effective. I like the urban look and how he has shown off the different shadows and landscape.

All in all I do like his work, I don’t think it is my style, but I would like to experiment with using bold colouring like this and still trying to make it look tonal like this artist, I like the drips down the page, it makes an effective look and brings more atmosphere to the picture. I do think I will look into showing different ways of drawing and creating art with landscapes instead of a typical sketch. I am going to take inspiration from all of these artists in my future work.