Experimenting with mixed media

In this exercise we were asked to experiment with using traditional art tools and adding non traditional art methods to the work to get used to working with different ways of creating art and experimenting with different techniques and materials.

Therefore for this exercise I decided to work with soft pastels and then go in with a paintbrush and work with water over the top. A method I haven’t experimented with before and I found the result interesting. Below is a picture of my result:


IMG_6942 2.jpeg


As shown I have decided to draw out a fruit bowl and then I went in with using soft pastels and smudging and working them in to try to create tones throughout each bit using different colours and also combining two different tones. I then decided to go in with water to see how that could effect the soft pastels to try to blend the colours more and create tones.

All in all I found this turned out well and I think the water over the top of the soft pastels turned out really well, I was surprised how well they blended together once using the water, I would try this technique again further in my art work because I found the combination turned out well.

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