Material Differences.

For this exercise we were asked to do a large scale drawing of the room we have furthered in the previous task, we were asked to use a media which we were comfortable in using. We needed to use accurate tones and be confident when drawing the different tonal areas.

For this task I decided to use a soft pencil due to the fact I have used this material throughout this assignment and I felt most confident to achieve the best piece I could when using this material. I found this task was enjoyable and due to the previous exercises I was comfortable and used to drawing these objects and knew how the plan would be in my mind. For this task I decided to use A2 because I’m used to normally working on smaller scale therefore thought this would make my drawing more accurate due to my normal mind frame. Below is a picture of my result:

unnamed (6).jpg



I found this task fun, due to doing this several times to different rooms I’ve become used to drawing these types of drawings and being able to easily map out an interior and be used to the dimension of the objects I was drawing. I am happy with how the piece has turned out and I think I have advanced in my skills of drawing interior and being aware of the scale and depth of my drawings.

All in all I am proud of how my drawings have improved through these exercises and I am happy with how the overall image of this drawing has turned out. I think the tones and detail are accurate to my view.


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