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Interior artists.

When researching for contemporary artists which worked in the subject of interior I found lots of fascinating different ways of art. A lot of the work I found was bright, colourful and full of character. I found it interesting to investigate in different cultures of art work. Here is some of the artists I found most intriguing and looked into their way of work:

Roy Lichtenstein:

I found this artist when researching around, as soon as I set eyes on this mans work I was fascinated. I think it’s because in my earlier years we studied pop art and I found it really fun to create.

When looking deeper into this artist I found he didn’t mainly just focus on interior in fact he did a range of different subjects in pop art form. I found his art striking so I researched more into his career, I found out he only really did his comic book art till the late 60’s and then turned his work into more classic paintings which were inspired by other artists during or before his time working.

Image result for roy lichtenstein interior

I found his work interesting, in the way he uses techniques such as the quick likes and the dots in the mirror to show shadows and the lighting on his art is just plain white, I found this fascinating because it’s out of the ordinary and it makes the image pop, it takes time for you eyes to adjust. I think his work was very clever, the objects he draws were very fitting towards his era and clever to communicate and connect to the viewers of his work.

His work is very warming and inviting, his bold colours make it easy to enjoy and his message is simple enough for any view to be fascinated by. His style of work is a prime example of expression and how colour and the way lighting is shown can effect a full piece of art.


Vanessa Bell.

This artist I came across is the very opposite of my previous artist, her work is realistic and reflects the time of her paintings, her still life paintings are fascinating in the way her work is so real and her paint work is gentle.

As I looked further into the work of Vanessa I found she liked to capture people in the comfort of their living room, her work was based around the interior and heart of a person. To capture a person at their full comfort and to get a glimpse into the life of that person. I enjoyed and picked this artist because her work is just as amazing as my last artist apart from her movement and capture of work is different.

Image result for vanessa bell interior

In this picture above you can see that this artist has really captured this man in the comfort of his home and the detail to her image in amazing, this artist is more to terms with doing a full realistic painting. Her tone work isn’t mapped out like the last artist and she uses gradual different tones to change the lighting in the images.

This picture shows a different outlook on how interior can be presented, the is a more realistic take and there is far more detail involved than the last artist yet both are lovely piece’s of art. Their messages are different, but they both have the same subject just interpreted in different ways. I think her work really reflects of life for people back in this era and how the interior was shown and how people would present and use their living rooms back in this time.


All in all both artists have the same subject yet have different ways of showing their style of art. The image by Roy is much more fun and non realistic, done in the style of pop art, on the other hand Vanessa controls her work with realism and connects to her work with detail. Both artists have the same angle affect such as viewing it as person, straight on and how they view it; like I have been doing in my exercises. I found this research interesting in how artists reflect and do their outlooks on the subject of interior and the different way art has an effect on people.

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