Response to assignment one feedback.

My response to my feedback from assignment one:

Firstly, when reading this feedback I was quite proud. I haven’t done any of this type of work or worked with some of the medias during assignment one so I was proud by what positive feedback I received, seen as I was new to this form of work and how things are set out I found it difficult to know whether or not I was doing the right layout of talking about my exercises in the right way but this feedback cleared my mind and I was deeply pleased by how positive it was.

During my feedback it was mentioned that during still life sketches I would sometimes draw what I thought was meant to be there or the shadows that would typically be on the object, when this was mentioned I had to think back and I realised that it could have been the problem. Some times I found myself getting a little confused on the lighting of where the sun hit it and when I mapped it out on my paper I thought it looked a bit odd so tweaked the lighting, however now looking at the feedback I know in future to show the visual lighting I see and get the most accurate of still life drawings I can. Even if the lighting and shadows may look odd I need to keep the realism and not let my mind envision something which isn’t there.

Furthermore, it was mentioned to spend more time doing some independent drawings away from the exercises therefore I am going to make a strong effort in doing quick sketches on the daily to help boost my drawing and visual skills in still life. My tutor also gave me an insight in some artists I should get involved in and research for some inspiration during this part of the course, therefore I think I will take more time in looking into different styles of work from different artists and get more inspiration in the different ways I can present my work.

In my feedback I got 4 bullet points of things I should aim for in my further work, one of them was to reflect on this feedback. The next point was to do more experimentation in my exercises and use a bigger variety of materials to learn how to have a wider range of skills in different materials not just a pencil. I was also then advised to do more observational drawings to widen my skills and get a better visual aspect on how things look when it comes to drawing, I will take this advise on board and take time to do sketches. The last point was to look into the artists she’d provided which I will take the time to get inspired by their pieces of work and learn different techniques.

All in all I was so happy with my feedback from this first assignment, seen as it was my first one and I was just getting to know how to present my work and how to fully talk about my exercises when uploading them. I am proud with how well I actually did for my first time doing something like this and I am looking more confidently at my next assignment on the course.

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