Exercise One- Warming up

For this task we were asked to do a temporary drawing by using materials we wouldn’t normally use, for example I used a suggested material such as pouring and dripping in washing up liquid into the sink. Here are my results:52630636_257939171793562_6639598988087525376_n52607847_388504848646694_8469191838559895552_n52917965_2209259775796986_7512554934995255296_n.jpg

In this task I just decided to have some fun, I found it therapeutic when pouring the liquid into the sink it was very nice to see it drop and drizzle easily. When I’d done that I went to get a cocktail stick to do a little drawing within the liquid with it; I soon found out you could do no such thing as the liquid would soon cover it back up. Instead I just went in with my finger and create movement in the liquid to create bold lines and just random patterns.

All in all, I didn’t doing this task, because when I draw I like my drawings to stay put and the fact every-time I would create a marking it got erased was annoying to me, yet when I used my finger it got a lot easier and I preferred it then. I do wish I had gotten someone to take a picture of me doing this yet I was home alone whilst doing this exercise.

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