Assignment 2- Practice and planning.

In preparation for this assignment I wanted to test out a couple of different ideas I had to then take further with the style I preferred,  I wanted to do this piece and reflect on the style I have been doing throughout my work and I found most comfortable with me that shows what I have learnt throughout this project so far. I also picked to be a little experimental with the work and try something different to see and attempt that as well.

I first decided to do this because I wanted to experiment with different ways I could incorporate colour like the brief suggests. I wanted to see how the watercolours would go with the design and using different colours to create bold effects, heres a picture of my result:

unnamed (3).jpg

I found that this piece didn’t go as I had firstly envision, therefore I decided to re-do this piece after because the colours weren’t as bold as I wanted it to look and the whole thing just didn’t look correct. I thought I would add this picture as a way to show what I have done to experiment with different materials, I think this piece would look good if I used a different brush. I found the brushes I did use weren’t effective and they weren’t very good material therefore I’ve found a different set to use next time I re-do this piece.

I just feel this piece wasn’t the best I could perform and I didn’t look at it and feel I had done my best therefore I think if I try with this again it might have a different result and I’ll feel different about using watercolours on the final piece. I think that the sketch is fairly accurate I would just like to do different tonal work in another trail to really see if I can make that concept work.

unnamed (4)

For my second experimental for this assignment was biro and the use of coloured pencils, I thought that this might look effective and if I thought the biro was too much I thought I’d just choose to do it without it. I think this piece turned out well although I think I used too much of a heavy hand on the outlines of the objects and wanted to show more with the tonal work which I will do in my next copy. Here is the picture of my result:


I do like how this piece turned out although I think I went a bit too heavy handed on the outline of the objects I want to try again with this also to see if I can get a more realistic outlook on it and also go a little more bold with the colours, the picture doesn’t really show the colour I had added so I think I will re do this as well just to trail to see what I actually do want to do for my final piece, I also think I’m going to reflect through my previous exercises and see what might be a good way to represent colour and tone in this final piece and put together a more effective piece than these two.

All in all, I am glad I did these trail because it’s made me see I need to re try and spend a little more time considering what I could do for this final piece and step out a bit more from my normal style.

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