Exercise Three- Three Figure Drawings

For this exercise we were asked to draw three drawings in three different poses for the model. The aim of this study was to practise making interesting studies of the figure to show that we understand the basic structural principles. Before we went on to large studies we should spend time looking at the poses we wanted the models to do and try to observe the body and how we will draw that.

For this I decided to do both, A4 and A2 therefore I could experiment with both. I found this task good and I felt it was a bit more challenging working on a larger scale but it was good practise to get proportions and basic shapes right. Below are all of my results:

These are my smaller scale drawings in the three positions, personally I found the lounging position more effective and I think I captured the proportions better on this piece than the rest, I still believe I need to spend more time on the finer details such as hands and feet. I chose to just use a soft pencil for all three as it was just a rough exercise for the work on the larger scale.

For these sketches on A2 I decided to do all three of the sketches in different materials therefore I would be experimenting on all three and trying something different. The stance picture I used charcoal, I feel like it’s hard to show tone yet it created an interesting piece. The lounging piece I used graphite, I enjoy using this material as it’s easy to make fast lines and glides well across paper. The sitting piece I used ball pen, I found this more difficult to create tone but again it creates an interesting piece of work. Below are my results:

I found it interesting doing these pieces because it was so much different trying to way up the proportions on a larger scale drawing, I found it was harder to not make the body look alien and to make sure the proportions were all okay, I do think my proportions are a bit off with the top two but it was my first time doing this on such a large scale. I do think I need to practice more on larger scale to get better at match the proportions right with the scale. It did help me a bit imagining the sifters skeleton and mucsles to get the right structure yet I do feel like I need to work on my larger scale drawings as it isn’t my normal choice to work that anyway.

All in all, I feel like I need to improve on my proportions and look into working on a larger scale as I find it a lot more difficult getting the right shapes for larger drawings and making sure the body doesn’t look abnormal. I think this was a good effort for a first drawing on this large of a scale. I will practise more with this and try to get used to working on this big of a scale.

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