Response to assignment 2.

My response to my feedback from assignment 2:

Firstly, I think I did quite well during this course again. I did have some unfortunate events happen to me during this assignment yet I still powered on and completed the work although I may not have spent as much time as wished on this part of the course, I do think if I spend more time developing onto my work I will improve and get more outstanding work. Throughout my feedback it is mentioned that a few of my pieces could have done with some extra work to fully make an improvement but I think I can take this feedback and act on it in my next assignment.

A lot of my feedback revolves around lack of depth perhaps due to working fast during this project but then also it’s mentioned I’m too heavy on the outer-line of my objects drawings and again paying less attention to the lighting, I may sometimes go off what I think would look right in a drawing and I need to stay clear of this because it doesn’t create an accurate and realistic piece of work. Also mentioned is for me to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with different materials as I always stick to what I know works best for me, I think I agree I do seem to use the same materials when doing my work just because I know that works for me but if I step out and try different things I may find new unique ways to display my work that I prefer.

Furthermore, it is talked about that it isn’t clear I am using my sketch book for independent  sketches, because of this I am going to make a strong effort to take more time to do quick sketches of still life and document them in my research part of my blog as well as reflecting my work to ideas from artist research.

In my list of things I should try and do it says about doing independent drawings in my sketch book and uploading them to my blog, my tutor also suggested watching youtube videos of certain artists to get me more appealed to using different materials and getting more ideas to experiment with my work. So I will make a strong effort to complete all of these task and spend more time on my work and picking out the materials I choose to use.


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