Trees- Exercise One.

For this exercise we were asked to draw four separate drawings of the same tree doing different forms of exercises. The first one being to do a simple and basic outline of the tree to get a basic idea of the form and the shape the leaves form such a big volume around the tree. The next one is to draw basic shapes in the outline of the tree and to start some initial shading to form more dimension of the tree. Furthering onto doing a basic outline and look onto the branches and the trunk of the tree, the last one was to draw with lots of scribbled lines and add some shading whilst forming a way of showing texture of the leaves onto the trees.

Here is an image of the first drawing to do, this being an outline of the basic tree shape:

unnamed (5)

This piece was fairly simple, it was good to get a rough idea of the basic outline of the tree and to look around the tree rather than just inside the tree. I think this piece clearly shows the outline of the tree and how I have tried to include the full outline including the volume on the tree that the leaves will form.

This next piece is to add some branches and shading to the tree and focus more on the inside shapes and tones of the tree:

unnamed (6).jpg

This piece was a fun to do as I liked to outline the branches and add a little more detail to the tree and add some tones to the trunk. I also added some grass around the bottom to get more of a detailed outlook to how the tree looks as well as some leaves so it gives more of an idea what the outlook on the tree is. I found this piece interesting to do because I was looking at different features of the tree other than just looking at it as a hole. I found it quite tricky to identify the different branches but I think this piece gives a good outlook on the shading and structure of the trees.

With this next piece it is just a look at the structure and the branches of the tree and to have more of a look of the trunk, here is a picture of my piece below:

unnamed (7)

This piece is simple but I think it gives a good idea of the structure and trunk of the tree focusing more on the inside of the tree rather than the over all look, I think I got an accurate outlook onto the trunk and branches. I also added a look at where the leaves and over view of the leaves go which give the tree its main volume.

The last piece was to add some more tone to the over all look of the tree and to also use more scribbled lines to the tree as well giving the leaves a texture to define where they go throughout the tree:

unnamed (8).jpg

I enjoyed doing this pice because it was a little messy doing the lines and I didn’t care so much to get an accurate shape of the tree more like a scribble sketch of the overall tree. The shading I wanted to do some cross hatch to get more of a detailed and dark shade to the trunk. I only did the main branches of the tree for this piece to show off the main structure of the tree and not to do so much detail. I also then decided to do swirls and dark lines for the texture of the leaves because I thought it gave quite a light look which is what the leaves look like when being part of such a strong structure and this I did all over to really show the impact the leaves have on the volume of the tree.

All in all, I really enjoyed doing this exercise because I think it gave a different light on the tree and gave me a chance to look more in depth at the structure and inside of the tree as mainly when you look at trees you just see it as a whole and don’t really notice the strength it has or how the branches really make up the tree and how much volume the leaves actually have on the whole of the tree. It has made me excited to further looking into the details of trees and using different materials and medias throughout.

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