Exercise two/ independent exercises

After completing exercise two I decided to further onto another piece using the same exercise method of going into detail of the trunk of the tree but using biro pen instead. As experimenting went so well with the chalk I thought I’d try with another material.

In the past I have done a lot of work with biro at GCSE level and also BETEC, I used to go to this material all the time for a messy look or to gather more of a boldness to my work, therefore I thought it’d be perfect for this exercise.

Below is a picture of my result:

I am really glad I decided to do this second piece as I think the detail the biro creates is great, it picks up the detail and different shadows on the tree and really has a unique look on the drawing. I like how the biro was when it came to doing different tones on the trunk, building up shadow and aspects of the tree was really easy and I think the outlook looks really good. I’m happy with how this overall piece turned out and I think it gives a different look on the tree trunk all together.

If I was to change anything or this piece it would be to focus more really closely on the individual details of the trunk and to perhaps do a full drawing of the tree not just a section other than that I think this piece turned out really well and I will be using biro again in more of my drawings!

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