Exercise two-

For this exercise we were asked to focus more on the trunk of the tree and spend a long time on this task to get a really good look into the detail of the trunk and features shown onto it.

Yesterday I did a sketch using charcoal on a similar type sketch involving detail and to have ago at drawing a full tree using a material I wouldn’t normally choose for drawing, because of how well I liked how it turned out I decided to use this material again and really focus on the detail on the tree.

Here is a picture of the result of this exercise:

As shown on the image I spent a long time really focusing on the detail and tones of the tree, I wanted to really get across the texture of the bark therefore I did quick and bold lines. I found it really fascinating looking into depth at the tree and looking at the details within the bark and tried to get this across in the drawing.

I loved how I could get so in detail and really show the strength of the trunk and really focus on the shadowing along side the textures of the bark. I like how this piece turned out and I think using the charcoal has given me a whole new perspective of using another material to give a more detailed and realistic outlook onto my drawings.

If I was to criticise this drawing I would say I would’ve liked to finish off the tree but seen as the exercise was to focus on the trunk I didn’t want to clutter up the exercise by adding the leaves and full structure to it. I think if I was to re do this piece I would also add a bit more shading to the roots and bottom of the structure instead of just focusing on the twists of the tree.

Furthermore, I am pleased with how this piece had turned out and think I have improved in my details of trees since the first exercise I have found a new material I am now just as comfortable with and plan to explore with various other materials!

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