Experimental piece – sketch book work

Seem as the new project/ assignment is revolves around tree I wanted to do some experimental work in my sketch book to get used to the look of trees and how I go about the detail in my drawings and using materials I wouldn’t usually pick to draw with.

In my assignment two feed back I was told to spend more time doing work in my sketch book and developing on my drawing skills independently to advance my self more on sketching and quick drawing as well as exploring new materials and ways I can draw.

I was always a bit apprehensive about drawing with charcoal as it’s not a material I would ever pick up and draw with but once I started on this drawing I loved the way it felt and the texture it brought to my drawing, I felt it brought the tree more alive and enhanced the detail in a different way a pencil would do. It shows it strength and how dark the trunk is but also shows the softness I want to show for the leaves falling over and hanging above the structure.

I found this piece very fun to do and has opened my eyes to using and experimenting with more materials within my work instead of sticking what I’m used to. I’m proud of how the tree looks and I’m excited to further on with this part of the drawing course.

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